Belifal Solar Home System For Rajasthan Anganwadi Sponsored By Idea Cellular

Belifal designed a solar home system with 12V 100Watts solar panel & 12V 26Ah battery box with advanced solar charge controller & 12V 24Watts DC BLDC ceiling fan & 12V 8Watts DC LED Bulb.

1. Solar panel needs direct sunlight from 9AM to 4PM. Our 100 watts solar panel can generate 80watts power in one hour. So, total power in a day 480watts. Solar panel transfer power into battery.

2. 12V 26Ah battery can store (12V*26Ah)=312watts.

3. Loads: 12V DC Ceiling fan consumes 24watts/hour & 12V DC bulb consumes 8watts/hour.
Total consumption 32Watts/hour.
So, back up time will be upto 8hours.