Solar Tubelights And Solar Mobile Charging Station In Action At D.G. Ruparel College,Matunga

Solar Mobile Charging Station In Action At D.G. Ruparel College, Mumbai

The Solar Mobile Charging Station is an innovative solution for faculty members facing dilemma of mobile phone battery going dead in the college. Charges Mobile Power bank. Charges Mobile Phone. Charges Tablet. Charges almost all electronic devices. Charge 2 smart phones and 4 Non smart phones at a time.

The faculty of D.G. Ruparel College were happy to know the solution to their Mobile Phone batteries going dead was brought to use by Belifal. We support Prime Ministers ” Make In India ” and by manufacturing this innovative product in India, we are happy to support this movement.

Using this eco-friendly Solar Mobile Charger, enlightens the teaching staff the advantages of solar energy and importance of clean energy solutions that are possible by using solar panels and latest technologies. The purpose of the station, beyond providing free power for recharging, is to raise awareness of renewable energy and energy efficiency by serving as an educational tool.


Solar Panel : 1.40A 12.65V 17.7W

Battery : 75Ah Exide 12V

Load : 3.0A 32.0W

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The D.G. Ruparel College has installed Solar tubelights in staff room.

Solar Tubelights At D.G. Ruparel College,Matunga


Solar Street Lights At Pawle Village, Murbad


The Pawle village is 2 hours ahead of Kalyan by Bus. Belifal Team installed solar street lights. People were happy to see our team and willing came ahead to help them. With the villagers, street lights were installed and the streets are now bright in the night.

Now, no fear in the dark. Children can play even in the night. Ensured road safety for the people of Pawle village.

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