12V 50Watts Solar Panel With 5Amp Solar Charge Controller

Rs. 6,999.00

Solar panel is helpful in outdoor or indoor. You can place it outside window or in your terrace. Here there is a long 7m extended cable for connecting Surya Shakti Generators, Solar Fans, etc. For the price and output, this solar charger is unmatched.

  • CONVERTS SUNLIGHT TO ELECTRICITY : 50W Innovative Solar panel.
  • weather-resistant durability.
  • Can charge Surya Shakti Generators, Solar Fans and many other Belifal products.
  • Water Resistant design. Long lifespan.
  • Please mail your suggestions/feedback to belifalmail@gmail.com For any technical help, contact our customer care no.: 08080515555/ 09821072175
Solar PV Module
Maximum Power(Pmax): 50.00Watts
Open Circuit Voltage(Voc): 21.60Volt
Short Circuit Current(Isc): 1.20Amp
Rated Voltage(Vmp): 17.64Volt
Rated Current(Imp): 1.13Amp
Nominal Cell Temperature(Noct): 47+_2’C
Maximum Temperature: +85’C
Output Tolerance: 0 to +3%
Maximum System Voltage: 1000Volt
Operating Temperature: -40’C to +80’C


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