Belifal 12V/24V Auto 10A – Solar Charge Controller


Belifal solar charge controller uses PWM charging technology, so that as the battery reaches full charge, the PWM pulses slower, gradually tapering off the change. Pulsing is good for the batteries since it gently mixes the electrolyte, preventing stratification and sulphation. Low voltage disconnect protects the batteries from severe discharge by shutting off loads before the battery voltage drops to damaging levels.

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  • 10A Solar Charge Controller is ideal for small loads like just 1 DC Fan
  • Excellent Charging algorithm, temperature compensated set points.
  • Adequate protections and indications.
  • Negligible voltage drops.
  • solar charge controller

Excellent Charging algorithm Compact in size and easy to install.
Offers long life to battery. Negligible self consumption. Negligible voltage drops.
3 Stage battery charging – Boost / Absorption / Trickle charging mode
Low voltage protection Battery overcharge protection, solar battery charger
DC Voltage 12 V/24 V Auto sense
DC Current 10 Amps
Technology PWM
Built in Dusk down operation. Connections PV, Battery and Load
Self-consumption: 6mA maximum    Temperature compensation: -30mV/℃/12V

Technical Specifications:

  • For 12V Pv System: 120W Solar Panel,12V Lead-acid Battery,21V for Max input Voltage
  • Dimensions: 14.6 x 12.6 x 6 cm   Weight: 240 g
  • Overcharging protection
  • Deep discharging protection
  • Short and Open Circuit protection
  • Full specification available if required
  • Fail Safe and cannot be damaged by accidental wiring mistakes
  • Advanced design with simple plug and play technology. No need for complicated adjustments


12/24 Volt auto work, 10 Amps (for PV and load)

Equalisation voltage: 14.8Volt

High voltage disconnect(HVD): 14.4Volt

Float voltage: 13.6Volt

Low voltage disconnect(LVD) 11.1Volt

Low voltage reconnect(LVR): 12.6Volt



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