Belifals innovative super bright li-0n battery lamp (khadi light)

Rs. 999.00

  • Solar led lamp Battery Charging using solar panel between 5 to 6 hours.
  • WORKING TIME: upto 300 Minutes 5 hours Continuous Working Time.
  • Inbuilt 2200 mAh Maintenance free battery.
  • With deep discharge battery protection circuit and also over charge protection.
  • Back up time: up to 9 hrs.
  • Electric charger also included for monsoon season.
  • 14 led super bright long life made in India.
  • Solar panel (upto 20 years minimum life )included.
  • No electricity bill to pay and no installation cost.
  • Special li-on battery with expected life upto 3 years.

Solar super bright lamp Belifals new low cost lighting gadget, the Solar Lamp is powered from innovative solar technology and is the ultimate cost saving solution designed specially to give bright light for long hours. It is a perfect fit for indoor and outdoor lighting conditions. Solar Lamp is a revolutionary new device that harnesses power from the sun. Simple and robust in its design, it is permanent replacement for paraffin and kerosene lamps thereby creating a smoke free environment for all.

User Manual: Our solar lamp promises to live up to your expectations of a perfect green technology product.

Operating Instructions : Please make sure that the lamp is charged before you use it for the first time. To charge the lamp, connect the solar panel into the pin in the side of the lamp and charge it for 6-7 hours at least for full charge. While the panel charges the lamps battery, the red indicator light will glow. Plug in the Solar Panel, if the light intensity is low.

Panel Instructions: The Solar Panel given with this lamp is of 1.5W rating. Make sure the panel is placed under bright sun with direct sunlight on it. Clean the panel periodically, for clearance of dirt and dust on panel and optimum results.

Place the Solar Panel in a safe place to avoid any physical damage to it. Solar Panel is 100% weather proof and shielded with tough glass.

Weight 900 g
Dimensions 4 x 4 x 3 in


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