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The Solar Mate considers two voltage limits battery fully charged cutoff and buffer backup voltage. Solar Mate will charge batteries with inbuilt PWM/MPPT charge controller along with Inverter Grid Charger. Now Inverter Load will be in Grid.When Battery voltage reaches fully charged voltage, then Solar Mate disconnects input grid to Inverter and load transferred to Inverter. Now Solar gives power to Load. Solar Mate will work through solar until solar is healthy.

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  • Compact size and easy to Install
  • Auto sense 12 or 24V
  • Available in 12/24/48/96V
  • Wide Inverter capacity range up to 2000W
  • Maintains Batteries Back up for power fail
  • Auto recovery after fault removal
  • No need of manual fine tune or service
  • Accurate Digital feedback control
  • Easy to understand LED indications
  • Wide operating temp range -20°C to +50°C

When Solar power not sufficient to run load then the difference power will be taken from battery. When battery voltage reaches buffer battery backup voltage Solar Mate will shift load from Inverter to grid. Buffer Backup is for emergency use in case of power failure. Once again solar power is available then Solar Mate starts charging and the process continuous. Solar mate will not allow deep discharge to Batteries. Battery discharge duration adjusted as per power availability. In regain condition if Grid is not available then it takes power from battery, when grid comes it will shift load to Grid.

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