Portable Mobile Charger Powerbank 2600 mAh for Smartphones & Tablets With USB Bulb & Electric Charger


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Designed for use with smart phones, Belifal POWER BANK is a high capacity power pack that provides battery backup to most smart phones. With 2200 mAh to 7800 mAh of power in different models it can also charge Tablets. This universal portable power pack has a host of charging tips for all popular makes and models like Nokia, Samsung, Apple, Sony, HTC, Blackberry and other Mobile Handset Models also. It can also charge your other gadgets like handheld gaming devices, Bluetooth headsets, i-Pod, i-Pad, MP3, MP4, Digital Cameras, etc. Features : Fast Charging: High output current. Lightweight and portable: It is lightweight and compact, making it perfect to carry around. Easy charging: Can be easily charged from a computer USB port or AC power outlet. Safety: Protects gadgets from damage with in-built overload, overcharge and short circuit protection. Compatibility: for all popular brands of tablets and smart phones. You are always on the go, meeting, appointments, travel. You are always full of energy, but your Mobile, Tablet, Camera Never keeps up with your pace. Thanks to Belifal Power Bank, your Device receives the power on the go. There is no need to find a place to charge. Charge it and keep going. Portable Mobile Charger comes with USB bulb for emergency situations. The USB bulb is universal and can fit in any power bank or computer or laptop. Electric Charger is also included for charging the power bank.

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  • High Capacity Li-ion Battery Over Charging Protection Compact & Sleek
  • Top Quality Cell, High capacity cell Stylish and Portable Faster charging speed Stylish & Special Design, you can handle the device by one hand conveniently or carry in your pocket or purse. Great for long plane flights, road trips; Carry the mobile power wherever you go; charge your devices any time any where.
  • Premium Lithium-ion polymer rechargeable battery with 2600mAh capacityniversal Usage Compatible with Apple iPhone 5S, Samsung Galaxy S5 and all other smartphones & other devices including XperiaTM, Cyber-shotTM, Handycam® and Walkman® players
  • 4W USB Bulb for emergency. The USB bulb works with any power bank or computer or laptop. Electric charger included.
  • Incase of Further information or doubt please mail at belifalmail@gmail.com or call on our helpline number 8080515555/09821072175.

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  1. 2 out of 5
    Rated 2 out of 5


    I could watch Sclrhdnei’s List and still be happy after reading this.

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