Solar Inverter including 20W Solar Panel for CFL or LED bulbs and mobile charging or even for pc modem router or LED tubelight


solar inverter for Electricity Power cuts is the common problem in India. Get this CFL Smart Portable Inverter-45W which you can use to run CFL tubes , LED lights/Bulbs , DC Mini Fan, Portable Speakers. Multi Optional Sockets to charge Mobiles/Tablets/Cordless Phones etc. It’s a movable easy to carry inverter that gives you light anytime and anywhere you go as It has constant power backup. Recommended to use Exide 12V 7Ah or Luminous 12V 7.5Ah Sealed Maintenance Free Battery (Battery is not included with this pack) Easy to carry smart portable inverter very useful product for HOME, OFFICE, SHOP, GODOWN & FOUR WHEELER. Specially designed charging system, fast charges the battery and increase battery life. Attractive designs high quality STRONG METAL BODY make it suitable for rough & tough conditions of Urban & Rural requirements. All the components used for manufacturing are “MADE IN INDIA”

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  • solar inverter inclusing solar panel BATTERY INCLUDED (12V 9AH)
  • Solar Panel Input Port, You can directly connect external solar panel (solar panel 20W)
  • Off Mode Charging+Overload Protection+Charges Battery Faster+Ensure Long Battery Life+Compact , Light Weight & High Efficiency+12volt DC Out+SMPS (Switch Mode Power Supply) Charger
  • can connect to any 12v batt from 7ah to 200ah
  • • ⏏ ✪ ★ Incase for further information you can mail us at or you can call on our helpline number 08080515555/09821072175.
Brand Belifal
Model bel015
Item model number bel015
Additional Features Five LED Light Indicators For Low Battery, Overload, Charging, UPS ON, Mains ON, Alternate, Solar Charging Facility of 20W (Solar Panel included),, Multi Optional Sockets, Battery Deep Discharge And Overcharge Protection, Zero Battery Discharge During UPS Standby.
Power Source solar
Batteries Included No

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