Solar mobile Charging Station for Tourist Spots, Cafes, Restaurants for Samsung by belifal


Solar Mobile charging station solar powered is an amazing solution for people facing dilemma of mobile phone battery going dead in situations just outside train station or airports or tourist spots or cafes. This charging station is itself a revolution and has been introduced first time in India. Stand Alone Charging Station. Charges Mobile Power bank, Mobile Phone, Tablet. Charges almost all electronic devices. A high capacity battery keeps the station ready to energize a crowd even when the sun’s not shining. The Charging station is designed to best fit almost all weathers to give travelers power pack juice to keep their devices alive all day. 100% Solar powered charging independent of grid supply and all weather proof and suitable for any weather conditions. Innovative Community Public mobile charging station

Samsung installs solar-based mobile charging stations in India

Samsung has installed solar-based mobile charging stations in Bengaluru, India. Samsung has installed such charging stations in front of the company’s Smart Cafe retail outlets where anyone can charge their mobile phones for free. The company stated that these “first-of-its-kind in India” charging facilities require very less maintenance and the 300 KW power that it generates is enough to charge over 20 mobile phones everyday.

Even though this doesn’t appear to be a marketing strategy, it is. A company official stated that the time spent near the company store to charge mobile devices will be utilised for product demonstrations and conversions. The company has recently launched the Galaxy S6 edge+ in India, and Samsung stated that the device will be manufactured locally to serve the country’s customers.

Moreover, Samsung India’s R&D team is said to be deeply involved in development of features such as Live Video Broadcast, People Edge, Easy Share, camera, and My Profile that are used in the Galaxy S6 edge+ as well as many other high-end devices from Samsung.




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