Solar Power Bank 4000MAh

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This solar charged battery pack is the size of a cell phone but packs a 0.55W solar cell, charging circuit, boost converter and 1700mAh of Lithium Polymer storage. Simply leave the battery pack with the solar panel facing up and when you need power, press the power button and dial over to the voltage you need. The unit has an USB port of 5V DC for mobile charging. This product automatically charges its internal battery when it is exposed to sunlight. It can also be charged from a power outlet. This is an ideal product for emergency situations, it is also designed to be a regular use product for home and business users, travelers and trekkers.

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  1. 4000mAh Power Bank Solar Charger for iPhone, iPad Smartphone Suitable for charging iPhone, iPad, smartphone, GPS device, camera etc
  2. Super water resistant, dustproof and strong shockproof and drop resistance
  3. Emergency LED torch. Genuinely tested for capacity Battery capacity 4000mah Output
  4. Sport charger for all phones including iPhone, Samsung, Nokia and all 5v Tablets including iPad and any usb charged device.
  5. Super water resistant, dustproof and strong shockproof and drop resistance
  6. Lighting Type: LED.
  7. Flashlight: 1W, 100 Lumens
  8. Build-in 4000mAh lithium polymer battery which can be charged by a Micro USB cable or solar power

Emergency LED torch.



200ma More than 1000ma on one day solar panel will recover up to a phone charge in a full day of direct light, can be boosted via any usb charger, Multiple protection charge/discharge and overcharge/undercharge Simple one button operation DC Input Port Dual USB Output Ports Remaining power leds Solar charging led, Solar energy transfer efficiency: 17% Solar panel 5v/200mA, Charging time from solar about 50 hours for full charge Charging time about 10 hours via USB mains, An extremely robust outdoor leisure Sport solar charger, especially suitable for hiking and as a camping phone charger. The sport can recharge any USB charged device, including all phones, Tablets Cameras etc and can power our optional LED light or Torch whilst camping..



Weight 500 g
Dimensions 4 x 2 x 4 in

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  1. 2 out of 5


    hmm… lehet, hogy én nem értem a dolgot… és azt is elfogadom, hogy a bárd valamilyen szinten multikaszt… de miért ennyire kiemelten &#tÃ&0;t2¡pol82#8221;? szerintem akadnak azért hátrányai is… Ceripapa?

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