Solar tubelight Rechargeable Emergency LED tube light

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Rechargeable solar led tubelight light LED tube light with inbuilt batteries that harnesses solar power to produce light. The tube light can be charged with a 6V 3w solar panel which is provided in this set. The AC charger provided with this set charges the battery inside the tube light and then it can be used to produce light via SMD LEDs embedded in the tubes. Lithium – ion batteries which are the latest technology batteries and lasts for more than 3 years. The technology used in the batteries is the same one as that used in laptop batteries. Save on your electricity bills using this rechargeable solar tube light. The brightness of this tube light is equivalent to 8W CFL. It is very is very ideal for camping, rural area, area with frequent power cuts, watchman cabins, emergency lighting, etc. The shape of this solar tube light is very contemporary and goes well with modern furniture as well!

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  • solar Rechargeable LED tube light with AC charger. The solar tube has 14 nos. of SMD LEDs and a 3.7V 2200mAh Lithium ion battery. Solar panel of 6V can be used to charge this light (solar panel not included in the set). These batteries are made using the latest technology and the best quality material for a life of more than 3 years!
  • 180 degrees lighting for illumination in the most efficient manner just like a conventional tube light. Backup time of up to 4.0 hours (on a fully charged battery). It takes about 10 – 12 sunny hours to fully charge a battery on AC charger.
  • LED tube light is 1 feet in length, and the AC charger is plastic housing. The tube light must not be exposed to water.
  • This rechargeable tube has a very powerful diffuser plastic attached for light coverage in the widest possible area. A hanging option with which you can hook this light within seconds almost everywhere! The mounting options makes this solar light a very versatile lighting device.
  • This is a must have device for camping, rural area, areas with frequent power cuts, small cabins, etc. It is also an excellent device for use as an emergency light and a decorative bedside lamp. This lamp can also be used as stairway and pathway lights in clubs and societies.
Weight 200 g
Dimensions 12 x 2 x 12 in

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