Surya Shakti Generator Mini Solar Power Box Solar Home Lighting System


Solar inverter for Electricity Power cuts is the common problem in India. Get this CFL Smart Portable Inverter-45W which you can use to run CFL tubes , LED lights/Bulbs , DC Mini Fan, Portable Speakers. Multi Optional Sockets to charge Mobiles/Tablets/Cordless Phones etc. It’s a movable easy to carry inverter that gives you light anytime and anywhere you go as It has constant power backup.

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  1. The SSG is the ultimate power box while there is no electricity.
  2. Our Surya Shakti Generator helps you enjoy hours of bright light and cool breeze through dc bulbs, dc fans and other Belifal products.
  3. Best for house, shops, small workshop, study room.
Battery Details
Battery Type Lead Acid
Battery Capacity(AH) 7Ah
LOAD BackUp Time
12V 15Watts DC Table Fan Upto 4-5 Hours
12V 8Watts DC Bulb(QTY=2) Upto 5 Hours
12V 8Watts DC Bulb(QTY=2)
12V 15Watts DC Table Fan
Upto 3 Hours
  1. The SSG is a simple plug and play generator also which means a DC 12v solar power box.
  2. Place the Solar Panel in direct sunlight from 9AM to 4PM for charging the SSG box for which on e red and one black wire have to be connected to the socket on the left side of the ssg box. We have provided a 21feet long wire so that the panel can be kept on the roof or terrace.
  3. Also SSG BOX is being charged there is a green indication of charging which will be steady green and will become fast blinking green only if battery is fully charged.
  4. Now you can connect the Dc fan or DC bulb on the right hand side sockets to use the respective products.
  5. When the backup time is over the there will be a Red low battery indicator which means you now need to charge the SSG box using a Electric charger if the time is after 4pm otherwise the solar panel during daytime.
  6. Safety Instructions: Do not bring this product in contact with water or other corrosive liquids.
  7. Incase of Further information or doubt please mail at or call on our helpline number 8080515555/09821072175.

Entire System 1Year Carry In Warranty

  1. 12V 7Ah Exide Battery With Advanced Solar Charge Controller
  2. Electric Charger


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