Refunds & Replacements

All products purchased from Belifal (all belifal websites, locally or dealerships) have a 120-day carry in warranty as standard. The carry in warranty period begins on the day the product is originally shipped. The warranty covers all of the items and conditions identified in the original manufacturers warranty. Some of the items specifically not covered by the warranty are loss and theft, water damage, customer abuse.

No returns are accepted and Customer bears the cost for return/shipping of product to us in case of repairs or faulty condition.

We can clarify any doubts/misunderstanding in listings. Our helpline number is 8080515555.

We will only refund/replace a product or service after proper inspection of our experts and engineers. The duration of inspection may vary from 7 days to 20 days. If our experts/engineers are not satisfied with condition of the product that was shipped back to us, then we will not refund/replace in any condition. We will only refund/replace a product on receiving it in good/acceptable condition at our office in Worli, Mumbai. Once we approve your product for refund, it may take 7 to 8 days to send the amount excluding bank holidays. In case of replacements, we only ship a replaced product after receiving it in our office in Mumbai.

In case of replacement, all the shipping charges are beared by the customer/buyer and Belifal and its partner/other websites are not responsible for any loss/damage of product.